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New Patients

Dr. Scott M. Pint  reception area

We want to warmly welcome you to
Dr. Scott M. Pint !

Dr. Scott M. Pint offers you a calming, soothing environment that you can relax in. We have an open concept waiting area and private treatment rooms. Our chiropractic assistant is waiting to greet you at the front desk while pleasant music plays softly over the speakers. You can help yourself to the refreshments we’ve set out, or take a look at the information in our reception before going back to see Dr. Pint.

A Thorough First Appointment

You’ll sit down with Dr. Pint to discuss why you’re here and what you want to accomplish. We’ll explain how these problems can develop and give an overview of what we’ll be doing today. Next, we’ll perform a comprehensive evaluation so that we have more detail about your condition. You’ll receive a chiropractic adjustment and be on your way in about 30 minutes.


insurance-bannerFollowing Up

When you return, we’ll evaluate how you responded to the initial treatment. Dr. Pint will delve a bit more deeply into an explanation of your problem and what it requires for the maximum correction. A program of care will be laid out, and all your questions will be answered. Like the first visit, you can plan on being here for about 30 minutes.

Contact our helpful team today to book your time! We accept insurance coverage.

Dr. Scott M. Pint | (412) 793-3700